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At odevbarber, we know teamwork enables us to serve our customers better and faster. We take the idea of being a team seriously. We embrace diversity and personal development not only because it’s the right thing to do, but also because it’s smart business. We are driven not by ego but by accomplishments. We keep our commitments to each other and our customers
Our word is our contract. We voice our opinion and exercise constructive dissent, and then rally around the agreed-upon action with our full support. We strive to cultivate camaraderie and to focus on doing great hair, giving top-notch service and the best customer service possible.
At our salon, our primary goal is to focus on our clients first and foremost. This means that we are always striving to better your experience by improving our services and customer care. We guarantee our work and will always work with you to achieve the best possible outcome.
  • Quality Service 100%
  • Our Process 100%
  • Customer Satisfications 100%


Do great hair and give our clients our best all the time,

Provide great customer service

Always learn new things, learn from each other and grow

Create an uplifting, positive environment for clients and staff


Make the most environmentally sound choices in our products and in our action


Provide healthier alternatives to products, including colours and hair care


Get the best services at the lowest prices imaginable

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Frequently Asked Questions

We would like to thank the following clients for taking time to comment and review our hair services. Your kind words are genuinely appreciated.

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What is foiling?

Foiling does not only mean highlighting. As color artists we create unique designs using different tools and patterns. By holding and separating the hair, foils are used in creating such effects as dimensional coloring, color melting, (colors which fade into another) highlighting and low lighting, allowing the color artist to use multiple color formulas and ideas that are designed especially for your particular needs.

What is dimensional coloring?

Dimensional coloring is a technique that simply adds dimension and texture. It can be used to make fine hair look fuller, and it is often recommended to compliment a designer style cut.

What can I do to help my color from fading?

The use of professional shampoos and conditioners, as well as styling products is important in the maintenance of keeping your color lasting longer. Deep conditioning treatments are also recommended to prevent color fading.

I have been seeing them for years for my hair extensions, I’d never dream of going anywhere else. The professional service and attention to detail given to their clients is second to none


I have gone to numerous barber salons, but after finding their barber salon through recommendations from friends I have not looked for another barber salon again. All the staff make me feel very welcome everytime I visit

Meg Sawtell

I find the staff to be extremely professional and not only do they meet my expectations but exceed them! They are always on time and give my delicate hair all the attention it needs. I cannot say enough good things about them.

Kelly Clarkson


  • Luxury Barber

Peoples Barber & Shops are traditional men’s barbershops located . Our barbershops offer a full-service, luxury barber experience at a reasonable price. Come visit one of our Master Barbers or stylists to get a traditional shave, quality haircut, or hot towel treatment. We also offer a variety of products like pomades, shampoos, body washes and beard and mustache waxes. Stop in for your next haircut or just to check out the shop!
  • Modern Technique

It used to be that the barbershop wasn’t just a place to get a haircut or shave; it was the hub of the community where people came together to bond, socialize and exchange ideas. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible barber haircut and to give you the haircut you actually asked for. We strike a unique balance between old fashion barbering and our modern hair cutting technique.
  • Hang Out

Remember when a shave and a haircut were two-bits? And men obtained regular maintenance at their local barbershop? It may sound like a long lost relic from days of yore, however, barbershops are not extinct and we are all that. Hot-towel prepping, straight-razor closeness and friendly, professional service can still be yours as a part of our luxury barber experience.

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Hair Salon was founded in 2008 with the mission of providing hair care services with a professional but casual atmosphere.


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